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How to present Hot Spot & Video Papers


Here you can find the template and instructions for the slides to be used to present your work at the PERVASIVE 2004 Hot Spot and video sketches session. Please complete in this template the two slides for a Video paper with your paper info.
It is extremely important that you change the placeholders (V08 or H88) of your paper presentation number in the slides to your actual paper presentation number, which has been sent via email.
Please do not change the position of the place holders and try to adhere to the rulers for aligning your content to ensure a homogeneous "skin" of all presentations. Please send your two slides in ppt and pdf to no later than April 14th 2004. We have to compile all the slides into one single slide set and hand it over to the session chair before the conference.
The presentation session will take place on wednesday, April 21st, from 2 PM to 3:30 PM in the "Grosser Redoutensaal", Hofburg, Vienna (main conference site). You have precisely two minutes to present your work in the session. Your session chair, Lars Eric Holmquist, will call you "on stage" when your paper is to be presented (any delay in lining up will be deducted from your 2 minutes). The session chair will also control the slides, so you do not have to bring your notebook or slides with you. The presentations will be given in the order of presentation codes (starting with all Hot Spot papers followed by the video papers). presenters will have to queue up in order of their presentation codes in front of the speakers podium (you will receive a badge with your paper presentation code to facilitate this process).
Video papers will be shown in full length at the video night, wednesday April 21st, 9 PM at the University of Vienna. Authors of Hot Spot papers will find an A1 sized area marked with their presentation code and paper title on pinboards near the main lecture room to attach further info (posters) about their work.

You can find the list of all hot spot and video papers on the web at and

We apologize for those long and detailed rules and instructions but it is extremely important to consider those issues to ensure a smooth and well organised presentation.

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